Using the app

How can I see the best journey?

Simply launch the itinerary search by using the main screen of the app. Enter your departure and arrival addresses and compare the different options suggested.

How can I know the price of my journey?

When you launch an itinerary search, a minimum price for each possible journey is displayed. However, this price does not take into account any season tickets you may already have.

Do the suggested journeys take into account the disruptions on the different public transport networks?

Yes, absolutely! We will always do our best to suggest the best journeys, taking into account the disruptions on the different networks.

I travel with children / I am a person with reduced mobility. How can I be sure that the suggested journeys are adapted to my situation?

Please go to the "My garage" menu. Here, you can enter various settings related to your situation. Your future journeys will then be adapted according to these specifications.

Can I travel with several persons via this app?

Yes, this is possible. You can use the MaaS app and the digital tickets sold in the app to travel with your children or friends.

However, the transport rules of each partner (public transport operator or private company) also apply to our testers. Therefore, please check with these partners which transport conditions, e.g. travel with children, apply to you.

However, the suggested journeys will not take into account the number of people you travel with. If you want to exclude some transport means that are inaccessible to you (e.g. if you are travelling with babies and toddlers), please go to the "Travel options" of the app to deselect these transport means.

I do not want to use some transport means. How can I avoid them in the suggested journeys?

The "My garage" screen allows you to select or deselect all transport means in the app. By deselecting one of them, it will no longer appear in your future itinerary searches.

How can I be sure that my journey will be trouble-free?

The ongoing disruptions are always available via the corresponding tab in the app. Do not hesitate to take a look before you leave!

I want to see the details of a previous journey again. How can I do this?

The "History" tab of the app allows you to view the details of all your previous journeys. Click on one of these journeys to see the additional information.

In which language is the app available?

The app is available in French, Dutch and English.

I am not satisfied with the app. How can I file a complaint?

The app allows you to give your feedback on its functioning in different ways. For example, you can send us an email via the "Help" button. The Facebook group for the testing community and the chat are also available if you have any problems. Do not forget that this is a pilot and we still have a lot to learn about tomorrow's mobility. Please be understanding ;)

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If you still have other questions about the test, please do not hesitate to contact us at this email address: MaaS@stib-mivb.brussels

See you soon!

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