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A test app: what does that mean?

It’s a “test” version of a future app that will be developed by the STIB.

For the first time, all means of transport in Brussels are gathered in a single app that makes it possible to plan a journey from door to door in just a few clicks.

The app allows to plan your trip, book and pay your transportation means, but also to open the metro gates, unlock a scooter, etc. Lots of features are included on this app! All you need is a (charged) smartphone and you're good to go!

But like all other new apps, MoveBrussels needs to be tested thoroughly. And that's where you come in. To make sure the official launch goes as smoothly as possible, we need your help. We are looking for travellers who can test the app during their daily travels.
Together we will discover what works, what doesn't work and what you think can be improved. With all this input, our developers will get to work to provide you with a flawless app experience in the future.

Come and take part in the MaaS pilot project. Thanks to your participation, tomorrow's mobility in the Brussels-Capital Region can be expanded. And for this, you will be rewarded with great gifts, lots of advantages and nice surprises. Even more, you will be part of a dynamic, exclusive community!

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In this section, you will find the most frequently asked questions about “MaaS”.

Will my trips be refunded during the test?

They won't, because the test aims at analysing your behaviour and your mobility habits in real conditions, i.e. at the usual fare. If it were free and you were to spend your days getting around for that reason, it would distort the results. It would, of course, not be very useful to develop an application that doesn't meet people's actual needs.

Who can take part in this pilot test?

Everyone living or working in the Brussels-Capital Region, whether they own a private car or not, and whether they already use alternative transportation means or not. We are looking for a total of 2,000 testers (including you?) who will provide a representative sample of all the transportation means users in our region. This will allow us to have a clearer idea of all possible behaviours and app uses (based on age, occupation, family composition, mobility habits, etc.). Once you have decided to join this great experience, we will quickly get back to you, in order to let you know if you are among the 2,000 lucky testers.

What is the difference with the current STIB-MIVB app?

The current STIB-MIVB app is an informative tool about all services provided by STIB-MIVB for regular and occasional travellers. The app also provides information about other public transport providers, such as their timetables.

The MoveBrussels trial app is a multimodal tool. It allows users to search and combine several public (STIB-MIVB, SNCB-NMBS, TEC, De Lijn) and private (shared scooters, taxi, car sharing and bike sharing) transportation means in order to plan and organise their door-to-door trips in the city more efficiently.

As part of the MaaS pilot project, the MoveBrussels trial app allows you to pay some of the transportation means via a link that will redirect you to the partner application. At a later stage it will also be possible to pay directly via the app itself.

Are you planning to terminate the current STIB-MIVB app?

This is not on the agenda for now, as each app meets specific needs, for different users and uses.

The current STIB-MIVB app is an informative tool about all STIB-MIVB services for the regular and occasional travellers.

The MoveBrussels application is a multimodal app allowing users to search and combine several transportation means (e.g. public transportation, car/bike sharing) in order to organise a door-to-door trip. With MoveBrussels, you can therefore plan your door-to-door trips in the city more efficiently.

Will I be able to use the MoveBrussels application if I am not part of the pilot panel?

No, this is a test version that will only be accessible to the 2,000 persons who have been selected as testers of the tool. To participate, please click on “Register here!” at the top of the web page.

What will I have to pay during the test?

The application is, of course, free of charge.

You will have to pay your trips, just as you usually do.

If you already have subscriptions with our mobility partners (e.g. STIB-MIVB monthly season ticket), you will of course not be charged for the related trips. You will be able to find your STIB subscription directly in the application, and continue to use your other subscriptions as you did before (physical or digital).

If you do not own a season ticket, you will have to pay for your trips (public transport ticket, taxi fare, minutes of use for a scooter, etc.) at the usual fare conditions of the mobility partners.

What do I stand to gain by taking part in this test?

The satisfaction of being among the few participating in a great project that will stir things up and make our city more accessible, and of helping develop new mobility solutions.

You will also be rewarded with gifts, surprises and benefits !

Lastly, you will have the exclusive opportunity to test a very handy tool that will allow you to organise your trips more efficiently and to keep an overview of your expenses (and of the environmental impact of your personal mobility). This information will be very useful to optimise your transport habits.

What will be expected from me during the test period?

All you will have to do is use the application regularly in order to plan and pay your daily and common trips (work, school, leasure, activities, shopping, etc.), as you would normally do with a trip planner.

But most of all, we will need your feedback on the app functioning (features, problems), which you can send as comments, remarks, suggestions, etc. With your help, we will move the project forward and, therefore, improve mobility in our city.

At last, you will have to fill in short questionnaires before, during and after the test phase so that we can compare and gain an idea of your mobility habits before, during and after the testing process of the MoveBrussels application.

The (after all not that much of your) time that you will invest will not only help make Brussels more mobile, but will also be rewarded with gifts, surprises and benefits.

Can I stop my participation in the test at any time?

Yes, of course. You can end your participation at any time by addressing an email to

We would very much appreciate if you could also let us know why you no longer wish to participate. This information is very valuable to us because it allows us to better meet the testers’ needs.

Please note, however, that by unsubscribing you will also miss out on the benefits and the nice surprises we have in store for you. It would be such a pity.

Which mobility service providers will be included in the application?

As partners, we have chosen the providers offering a quality service and a good integration of their services in the MoveBrussels application.

They are listed below:

  • Public transportation: STIB-MIVB, SNCB-NMBS, TEC, De Lijn
  • Bike sharing: Villo, Billy
  • Shared scooters: Dott
  • Car sharing: Cambio
  • Taxi: Taxis Verts, Collecto
What am I committing to by taking part in the test?

To use the MoveBrussels app on a regular basis to plan and/or pay your trips during the whole test period, to share your feedback and fill in the surveys. All this information will allow us to deliver an operational and efficient app to the users. Your role is therefore of the utmost importance! Your participation being exclusive and nominative, we also ask you not to share it with other users and to use it normally (without altering its operation). Otherwise, it would distort the results, which would not be of much use.

What are the available transportation means for planning my trips in the MoveBrussels application?

Walking, public transportation (STIB-MIVB, De Lijn, TEC and SNCB-NMBS), shared and private bicycles, shared and private scooters, car sharing and taxi. That's almost all of them (except for the flyboard).

Who should I contact if there is a problem during the test?

As a participant, you will have access to dedicated communication channels to interact with STIB-MIVB about anything related to the test (e.g. question, technical problem). You will have access to these channels as soon as they are up and running.

If your question falls outside the scope of the test, you will of course be redirected to the right services (e.g. those of the relevant partners).

If you still have other questions about the test, please do not hesitate to contact us at this email address:

See you soon!

What are the languages supported by the application?

The application will be available in 3 languages: English, Dutch and French.

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If you still have other questions about the test, please do not hesitate to contact us at this email address:

See you soon!

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Take part in the “MaaS” pilot. Your implication will help build the future mobility in the Brussels-Capital Region. And it will be rewarded with gifts, benefits and nice surprises.

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